A distinguished Candle Company

Our aspiration is to establish ourselves as the coolest candle company globally. By 'cool,' we encapsulate qualities such as honesty, naturalness, ethics, style, local production, and utmost affordability – a true haven for candle enthusiasts.

In 2014, the idea of crafting candles from champagne bottles sparked in my mind, driven by the desire to create an extraordinary gift for my best friend's birthday. This concept swiftly evolved beyond a mere idea, as individuals expressed interest, seeking their own tailor-made candles. Fresh out of my studies in Business & Economics, I was enthralled by the prospect of transforming this notion into an exceptional startup venture.

Naturally, I commenced the process of procuring champagne from reputable houses, identifying wax and wick producers, engaging with packaging vendors, and establishing partnerships with candle manufacturers. Given our initial limited quantities, I exclusively engaged with local partners. This approach proved advantageous, granting me precise knowledge of the origins and production of our products. I remain exhilarated by the fact that our entire candle production is meticulously handcrafted in Germany. This includes the intricate procedures of cutting, polishing, and ultimately pouring the candles into the bottles. Our aesthetically pleasing packaging, transportation boxes, packing materials, and even our logistics are all situated in proximity to Munich, ensuring efficient and brief transportation. Needless to say, all individuals involved in the production process benefit from fair and regulated working conditions.

During a picturesque drive through the enchanting champagne region just outside Paris, I marveled at the diverse array of champagne houses and indulged in countless wine tastings. I developed a profound fondness for the refined taste and down-to-earth ethos of select family-owned producers. Since then, I have taken immense pride in collaborating with them. My preexisting passion for wine was further solidified, prompting me to become a certified sommelier, ensuring we sourced only the finest champagnes for our esteemed customers. A delightful consequence was the discovery of the impeccable label designs that many champagne houses invested in – designs that now adorn our candles and enhance their appeal.

At the age of 23, I aspired to fill a void in the market by creating a candle company characterized by thoughtful design, accessible pricing, and ethical production upheld by uncompromising quality. To this day, it remains my vision to disrupt the industry with delicate yet resplendent creations, crafted from natural raw materials.

With the launch of our online store and foray into the realm of wholesale, our brand swiftly gained prominence. Presently, our products are available in over 200 premiere retail locations, including esteemed outlets such as KaDeWe, Breuninger, and Lodenfrey.

The concept underpinning DESIGN BUBBLES has garnered substantial attention, featuring prominently in numerous print publications, online blogs, and televised appearances. We actively engage with our audience, sharing insights into our daily operations, new campaigns, and office dynamics through our Social Media Channels, fostering an intimate and interactive relationship with our valued clientele.

For me, embarking on the journey of building a company from the ground up has been the experience of a lifetime. I feel a compelling desire to impart the knowledge and wisdom I have gained to aspiring young women, which led to the creation of the book '100 DAYS.' This comprehensive volume encapsulates the entire founding story of DESIGN BUBBLES, along with 100 invaluable tips on how to navigate the path of entrepreneurship. My ultimate ambition is to cultivate the world's preeminent candle company and inspire others to embark on their own entrepreneurial journey, aiming to #startupin100days.

DESIGN BUBBLES is committed to its global expansion, striving each day to transform your home into the epitome of beauty and elegance.


The Process

The Design Bubbles Story in a Book