The World’s Coolest Candle Company

We want to become the world's coolest candle company! And by cool we mean: honest, natural, ethical, stylish, locally produced & as affordable as possible - simply candle heaven. 

When the idea of creating a candle from a champagne bottle popped into my mind in 2014, I wanted nothing but create a really awesome gift for my best friend’s birthday. I quickly noticed that there was more to this idea, because people started approaching me, asking for their own custom-made candles. As I had just graduated from studying Business & Economics, I loved the thought of turning this into an amazing start-up.

Naturally I started sourcing champagne houses, wax and wick producers, packaging vendors and candle manufacturers. I didn’t even occur to me to work with people I had not met and given my low quantities in the beginning, I solely contacted local partners. This turned out to be an incredible advantage, because I now know exactly where our products come from and where they are made. It still excites me that our entire candle production is handmade in Germany, including the process of cutting and polishing the bottles and pouring the candles. Our beautiful packaging, the boxes for transportation, the packing paper and even our logistics are all based near Munich, which guarantees short transportation routes. Needless to say all people in the production process benefit from fair and regulated working conditions.

While driving through the beautiful champagne region just outside of Paris, I noticed the hundreds of different champagne houses and tasted my way through more wines than I could ever count. I fell in love with the exquisite taste and the down-to-earth approach of a few family-owned producers, and I am so proud to be working with them ever since. I was really passionate about wine already, but I wanted to be absolutely sure to source the best champagnes possible for our customers, so I became a certified sommelier.  It’s a beautiful side effect that many of the champagne houses invested in great design for their labels, which we can now enjoy on our candles.

At the age of 23 I wanted to create a candle company that the market was missing: thoughtfully designed, approachable-priced and ethically produced with high quality. It is still my vision today to shake up the industry with delicate pieces and natural raw materials.

We launched our online shop and the entree into wholesale began, the brand can now be found at over 200 Premiere retail locations including KaDeWe, Breuninger and Lodenfrey.

The idea behind DESIGN BUBBLES has been widely published in a dozen of print magazines, online blogs and TV appearances. We’re sharing our everyday work, new campaigns and office life on our Social Media Channels, which enables a very close communication with our customers.

For me, building a company from scratch is the experience of a lifetime and I feel the urge to pass on the knowledge I gathered to other young women, which is why I wrote the book “100 DAYS”. It contains the entire DESIGN BUBBLES founding story and 100 tips on how to build your own company. It is my ultimate goal to build the world’s coolest candle company & to motivate others to #startupin100days themselves.

DESIGN BUBBLES will continue its global expansion and we’re working everyday to make your home the most beautiful place on earth!

x, Katharina